• Briana Richardson

My Comforting Light

Oh Light,

I’m so tired.

You tell me,

every day,

that you’re not done with me,

so you wake me up,

and you make me get out of bed.

You constantly tell me

that your power is strong in my weakness.

Oh Light,

When I don’t know what to do anymore,

you provide me with a way to keep on going,

and with a way out of my situation.

I believe that you are bigger than my problems.

You are the only one,

the only one that can tell me that things are going to be ok,

an I will not be stressed out over the words,

instead I will feel calm

and know that you’re holding me.

Oh Light,

when I am shaking,

you help me to feel the warmth which you use

to calm me.

Briana’s Bright ©Briana Richardson 2020

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