• Briana Richardson

Oh Peacemaker,

Oh Spirit,

When I walk through a forest,

I hear a choir of trees and animals sing for joyful songs

and give you the glory that you wholeheartedly deserve.

It makes me want to join in and to stay there.

I smell a fragrance that needs to be savored,

a fragrance that needs to be bottled up,

and shared with others.

The smell relaxes me and comforts my soul.

I walk in feeling broke and weak,

But as I move forward,

There’s something that feels like a release,

Like I’m being restored or nourished,

And as I exit

I feel like I can carry on or sleep with peace.

As long as I live,

I will always give glory to you.

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  • Briana Richardson

Oh Provider,

Will you please open my eyes,

So that I can recognize your abilities.

Even when I'm scared,

And feeling totally depleted of energy,

I wish to meditate on you,

And continue to taste and see your good work,

For that’s where I can regain my hope and stability.

Will you please keep my garment of strength out,

And place it in clear view,

So that I can remember to put it on every day when I rise?

On a day that is overcast,

Just because I can't see the light,

I have faith that you're still present,

And that you're stronger than the fog.

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  • Briana Richardson

Oh Morning Star,

When a flock of birds are flying by, I feel your peaceful and energetic presence breathing onto me. The sound of a bird's tweet is one of my favorite ways to hear from you. Living in, being a part of, or possessing your vision of the greatest joy, makes me feel at awe that you’d choose me to be in the path of them flying. If I was able to be close by, or to zoom in on their feathers, I can just imagine that it would feel something like velvet. Watching them fly is like watching them rise above their fears with faith, which is always a good message that you’re going to help me rise above my fears as well.

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