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Briana Richardson

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I am an acrylic painter. I also play with inks and screenprinting. 


A strong faith and a vibrant spiritual community make my life colorful and complete.


I am available for commissioned work.
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Briana's Bright Meditation

About Briana

I started doing art, drawing and painting when I was eight. I thought it was a time passer and it helped me deal with my mom's serious and eventually fatal illness. Now I think that she is not the only person that I'm doing art for. Through my prayers, I have learned that God wants me to use his beauty and art for everyone. When I am writing and painting, I experience God's love and beautiful creation, which is something I want people to experience when they look at what I do. Since He has filled his miraculous creation with fantastic colors in incredible ways, I also use colors in everything I do.

I was praying one night, and felt him saying that He wants me to continue with the awesome artwork that I'm doing, and have that be my way of sharing His good news. Since I like to lift people's spirits, I do pieces that are moving, filled with love, peace and happiness.

-Briana Richardson

June, 2020

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Briana Richardson
c/o ArtWorking
1966 S. Stoughton Rd.
Madison, WI 53716



Tel: 608-442-5294

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